Reconnecting Families as One

Connecting with Positive You

Do you feel like your family is falling apart? 

I provide the steps to families and individuals to create positive lasting change a nd come together as one cohesive unit while also becoming stronger as individuals . 

Working with you I put myself in your shoes to see the world from your point of view. This means that we are able to work together to create strategies and change in a way that works with your individual family and circumstances.

How I Can Help You

Are you looking for guidance? Feeling stuck, unable to move forward within your life, family, or work environment? Struggling with habits or fears that you feel are holding you back from living your most fulfilled life?
Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Coaching I work with clients to create positive lasting change in their lives. This could be to stop smoking, stop vaping, to lose weight, solve insomnia, change bad eating habits, curb alcohol addiction, and even to control anxiety.  

Children, Parents, self & Families


Lasting behaviour change for children and adults

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Would like to do a big shout out to Annemarie Goedecke for helping me grow.
It was different to what I was expecting, but counselling was only doing so much. I was responsible for me through these sessions and I cannot believe at how much it has changed myself, my outlook on life and how I handle different situations. It was hard going through some of the things that was my homework, but with determination and an out with the old attitude, I smashed it. We did it.
Thank you. Highly recommend Annemarie

Ramone  Client

Is this right for you?

Nobody knows if Coaching, Hypnosis or Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] is right for them before they have tried it. 

As someone who was once struggling in many areas of my life, and then commenced Coaching, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for myself - I can truthfully say it has made the most profound difference to who I am as a person today, what I believe I am capable of, and the happiness of my family. 

When you reach out to me you have the opportunity to be heard, and have a chat about your unique personal situation. You can explain to me what has been happening, and the outcomes you would ultimately like to have, and I can share with you my personal experience on how this work has helped me, and my family.  

Let's talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.
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About My Family

My family, consists of myself, husband and one child.  Our child has various diagnosis and at the beginning of his journey we were not sure where or how to seek guidance, specialist assistance or support as we live away from most health facilities. Then I discovered coaching, hypnosis and NLP that assisted me as a parent, a wife and a person with the positive guidance that I needed. As a certified support coach, hypnosis and NLP practitioner I help children and families with their struggles and reconnect as one united family, while helping my clients find themselves again. 

Certified Level 1 Coach
Certified Level 2 Coach
Practitioner of NLP

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